SNSD Girls’ Generation


SM Official 2011 SNSD Desktop Calendar – $25 (Item on Hand – 3 available)
SPAO 2010 Desktop Calendar – $20 (Item on Hand – 1 available)
Invincible Youth 2011 Calendar + DVD – $35
Invincible Youth 2011 Calendar – $24

Albums & DVDs (korean version)

2011 Girls’ Generation Tour [2 DVD + Special photobook + Poster] – $42
3rd Album Repackage Mr Taxi – $19
The Boys – $19
1st Live Concert in Seoul DVD – $39 
All About Girls’ Generation DVD – $82
Mr Taxi (Korean Limited Edition) – $20
Mr Taxi (Korean Regular Edition) – $14


Gee Japan (Korean Limited Edition) – $20
Gee Japan (Korean Regular Edition) – $14
Genie Japan (Korean Limited Edition) – $20
Genie Japan (Korean Regular Edition) – $14
1st Asia Tour Live Album (with poster) – $28 (Item on hand)
Hoot – $19
Run Devil Run – $20
Oh! – $20
Genie – $16
Gee – $18 
Baby Baby – $18
Girls’ Generation – $18
Into The New World – $12

Albums (japanese release)

1st Japanese Album [Deluxe Edition] – $112
1st Japanese Album [Limited Pressing Edition] – $67 (Item on Hand)
Mr Taxi Deluxe First Press Limited Edition – $30
Mr Taxi Limited Pressing Edition – $28
Hoot Deluxe First Press Limited Edition – $68
Hoot CD+DVD Limited Edition – $52
Hoot Limited Pressing – $42
Gee First Press Limited Edition – $45 


Run Devil Run Individual Posters – $12 each (Item on hand)
- All members, except Taeyeon, available
Run Devil Run Official Album Poster – $9
Oh! Official Album Poster – $9
 Star Collection Cards Season 2.5 Promo Poster – $7 (Item on hand – LAST ONE available!)

SNSD 12-cut poster set (42 x 30 cm) – $24 (Item on hand)

Elite Generation Poster (Rare Poster!) – $18
Everysing SNSD Mr Taxi Promo Poster (Printed Autograph) – $18


1st Photobook Girls in Tokyo (Reprint) – $75

Invincible Youth Photo Essay – $48 (Item on Hand)

All About Girls’ Generation 2nd Official Photobook – $38


Everysing File Version D – $14 each – Sooyoung, Yuri, Seohyun available (Item on hand)
SMTown Folders – $12 each – Sooyoung available (Item on hand)
Everysing Hoot Folders – $12 each – Yoona & Yuri available (Item on hand)
Goobne Chicken Mini Promo Poster – $20 per set of 9 (Item on hand)

Kpop Files (SNSD Design A) – $10 (Item on hand)

Kpop Stickers (Regular) – $8 (Item on hand)
SNSD Stickers (Mini) – $6 (Item on hand)
SNSD Jigsaw Puzzle (27 x 20 cm) – $24 (Item on hand)

SNSD Postcard Sets A & B – $12 per set (Item on hand)
SNSD Phone Charm – $4 (Item on hand)

Official Photocards (Items on hand)

Oh! – 5 designs available – $10 each
(bottom right photocard out of stock)


  1. 1
    Rachel Says:

    Hi, i’m interested in getting the SNSD Run Devil Run and OH! official album posters. may i know if the two posters will be shipped with a poster tube? and also, when will the SNSD season 2.5 star cards be available for purchase? thanks.

  2. 3
    Ed Ashley Says:

    Hi I would like to find out if you still have stock for SNSD’ Gee (Japanese First Press Limited Edition) and what does it include? Thank you =)

  3. 5
    Hans Says:


    I’m interested to buy the lst photobook- Girls in Tokyo Photobook + DVD.

    Is it still possible ?

  4. 9
    Hans Says:

    Do you have the wall calendars of SNSD 2011 ?

  5. 11
    ashley Says:

    Hii juz wanna ask whether u still have the Hoot album wif poster?? do u do postage? thx.

  6. 13
    JUN Says:

    I wanna ask…is there any stock of (Girls’ Generation – $18)..
    and do i need to pay first? or i can pay when i get the item.

    and isit possible for me to order the 2nd Photobook All About Girls’ Generation? isit come with the dvd and wht is the price?


  7. 14
    Ming Kang Says:

    Still have the Oh and Starcard poster?

  8. 16
    Melissa Says:

    Is the 2nd official photobook still in stock?

  9. 18
    qiwei Says:

    so if i meet u at 25 april to pay for the mr taxi deluxe album , when can i get it?

  10. 20
    Melissa Says:

    So we can order the mr. taxi album and pay when we collect it?

  11. 24
    Siew Hui Says:

    Hi i wanna buy the Taeyeon Flying petals PB

  12. 26
    qiwei Says:


  13. 27
    jason Says:

    can i still order Mr Taxi Deluxe First Press Limited Edition now??? please reply me asap!!! thx!!! >.<
    btw, i'm from malaysia, do you guys sent it here???

    • hi yes you can still place an order, take 2 of the mass order closes on 4 may. postage to malaysia will cost approximately SGD 4. payment will have to be made in SGD through paypal for international customers. do email me for more details, thanks.

  14. 30
    jason Says:

    ok, here’s a list of questions that i have:
    1. the price of 30$ is in USD or SGD?
    2. is there any alternative other than paypal?
    3. what are the possible arrangement for me to get the items, or is there courier/shipping and straight to door step?

    • i hope you didnt expect me to make a quick reply at 3.16 in the morning. prices on this site are all in SGD, and the postage cost i quoted refers to postage to an address provided by you, so yes shipped straight to door step in your own words. i only accept paypal for international orders. thanks.

      • 32
        jason Says:

        my apology if it offended you in anyway, as i was trying to find it asap.
        regret to tell you that i’ve already purchase the item from another source. but i do have something else that i’m looking for. do you have genie japanese version deluxe first press? as i do not see it in this page.

      • It is on the page, $30.

  15. 34
    gohpenghng Says:

    I was wondering do you still have stock for these 2?What’s their condition,is it opened or still in mint?
    Mr Taxi Deluxe First Press Limited Edition – $30
    Mr Taxi Limited Pressing Edition – $25
    So total is 55 right?Meet at which place to buy?Pls reply asap

    • Hi these are pre-order items I have no instocks for them. The next order deadline is 4 may, and the albums should arrive within 1 week or thereabouts if you place an order by then. Meetup will be at bishan mrt, or if you wish to you may pay for postage cost and have them mailed to you. The albums will certainly be new and sealed.

      • 36
        gohpenghng Says:

        Ok lets meet at bishan i want a deluxe and a limited email me at keep me updated tell me when you get the cd btw does it come with a poster

  16. 37
    gohpenghng Says:

    Ok lets meet at bishan i want a deluxe and a limited email me at keep me updated tell me when you get the cd

  17. 38
    Adam Says:

    Do you mail to ur neighbor country Malaysia? So you have gee and genie limited edition Japan? What is the price for mailing them to here?

  18. 42
    Jave Says:

    Hi. I would like to order – Mr Taxi Deluxe First Press Limited Edition. Instock now?

  19. 45
    Melissa Says:

    Hi! I’m not rushing you or anything but I was just wondering roughly when will the mr taxi albums arrive?(:

  20. 49
    Adam Says:

    Can I place an order, pay for it and I want to delay the delivery? I mean hold on at your place and only deliver when I ask to. Thank you in advance.

  21. 51
    qiwei Says:

    are you guys going to sell jessture’s photobook D; i really want it

  22. 53
    qiwei Says:

    really omg AHHHHHH where ? :D

  23. 54
    Yoonyulsic Says:

    hi i want to buy all your snsd items pls..

    if anything pls email me at

  24. 55
    Oyhens Says:

    Does the Girls’ Generation – $18 korean version album & Mr Taxi (Korean Limited Edition) – $20 come with posters?
    And what songs does it contain in both album separately?
    Please E-mail me at
    Thank You :)

  25. 57
    Oyhens Says:

    Do you have SNSD’s Mr Taxi File??

  26. 59
    oyhens Says:

    Do you have Mr Taxi Japanese Album??
    If you have……….
    Does it come with a poster?

  27. 61
    lynx Says:

    Snsd mr taxi korean limited edition can buy on spot thru meet up?

  28. 63
    Yoscie Says:

    Hi! i am interested in getting the f(x) hot summer album from you:) but, sorry i have many questions:x such as:
    1) The fx hot summer preorder closes on the 24 June 2011?
    2) Are all albums/photobooks/calendars listed here available for sale at anytime or at every preorder batch?
    3) Do you accept COD (ie. payment upon collection meetup@ bishan)?
    sorry for the many questions >< thank you v much for your help! :D

    • Hi thanks for your questions. There is no closing date for the fx album, the listed date is the official release date of the album and serves as a guide as to when the album will arrive, which is usually approximately 2 weeks after. All albums listed, unless otherwise stated, are available for sale at anytime as long as stocks are still available for order. A general guide would be that most korean releases are widely available, while usually there is a closing date for pre-orders of japanese items. I also accept COD. Hope I have been of help.

  29. 65

    is the All About Girls’ Generation DVD subbed?

  30. 68
    Ed Ashley Says:

    Hi would like to find out do you still have stock for this? —–> “All About Girls’ Generation DVD – $75″

    And if it’s not too much trouble may I know what is included?

    Thank you. =)

  31. 72
    Hans Says:

    Hi can i check if the Tiffany Photobook is in stock already? I’ve ordered for quite some time already.

  32. 73
    Li Qing Says:

    Hi, may i know if 1st Live Concert in Seoul DVD – $39 includes the price of postage/handling fee already? =) And do you provide meetup? =) If you do, where would it be? thanks

  33. 75
    Li Qing Says:

    Thanks for the quick reply! =) Btw, does it includes a roll up/folded poster?

  34. 78
    Li Qing Says:

    okay! Thanks alot for all the info! =)By when do i have to transf the money if I want the dvd and how long does it take to arrive? =) Btw, does the korean album Mr taxi includes RDR? =)

  35. 80
    Li Qing Says:

    Oh, it’s not avaliable already? (-m-) for the all about girls’ generation, does it include a poster and photobook? =) Anyway, thanks alot for your patience!

  36. 81
    Peijun Says:

    Hi. Do you have snsd taeyeon transportation card case?

  37. 83

    hi. intersted in the Season 2 – $60 – LAST AVAILABLE SET! and the Invincible Youth calendar.
    for the cards, does it come in a set? (like the casing and all)
    also, can u send me a pic of the IY calender to thanks!

  38. 85
    See Chi Chao Says:

    Hi, May i know do you all still have stock for SNSD 2nd Mini Album -Genie/Tell me your wish ? How much are u all selling ?

  39. 87
    Elton Says:

    Hi there, I’m interested in the Jessture Photobook, is it still available?

  40. 89
    QiEn Says:

    Hi there~
    It is still possible to get Tiffany shining smile photobook from you?

  41. 91
    Benjamin Says:

    Hi, do you have these 4 things available?
    Invincible Youth Photo Essay
    1st Live Concert in Seoul DVD
    Invincible Youth 2011 Calendar + DVD
    SNSD Girls in Tokyo Photobook + DVD

    • hi i have the invincible youth photo essay on hand, the seoul concert dvd and invincible youth calendar + dvd are available for order. tokyo photobook is unfortunately long out of print. deeryoona calendar is still available for order subject to a minimum number collected.

  42. 93
    Chad Says:

    Hi i am interested with the SNSD jigsaw puzzle, kindly please let me know if there’s still stock left…

  43. 97
    Eternal Says:

    Does 3rd Album Repackage Mr Taxi comes with poster and postcards?

  44. 99

    Erm, I’m interested in the
    – Oh! Album (with photocard) ($20)
    – Run Devil Run Repackaged Album (with individual folded poster) ($20)
    (Took this from sgkwave.)
    Do i need to order it.?

  45. 101
    Hermes Says:

    erm if i order,do i need to pay in advance?if so need pay in cash or?

    • 102
      admin Says:

      As stated on this site, you can make payment either by bank transfer or cash. Payment can be made upon ordering, or upon collection of items.

  46. 103
    John Lim Says:

    Hey,the gee 1st press.You still have?What does it consists of?

    • 104
      admin Says:

      hi sorry i no longer have it.

      • 105
        John Lim Says:

        what albums you have that has pc n posters?

      • 106
        admin Says:

        albums that have posters are indicated. it will be tedious for me to compile a list of what has photocards, so if there’s any album that interests you do ask me again if you want to know whether it comes with photocards

  47. 107
    YoonaddictXH Says:

    Is the albums you selling includes photocard(if any) , poster , etc etc ?

    • 108
      admin Says:

      for albums with official photocard release they are all included. for posters they will be included if available. generally old albums will no longer have posters available.

  48. 109
    Joyce Says:

    I’ve previously send in my order for snsd the boys album. It has been quite some time but I’ve yet to receive any confirmation e-mail. May I know if it’s that you didn’t receive my e-mail or what?

  49. 111
    Denny Andrean Says:

    Hi , is 1st Photobook Girls in Tokyo (Reprint) still available for order?:)

  50. 113
    Ramadhan Says:

    Hi:) i have one question to ask does all of ths comes with the shipping fee??~^^

    • 114
      admin Says:

      There are no extra charges if you are collecting from me at a mass collection. There will however be extra charges for local mail if you wish to receive by mail.

  51. 115
    Ramadhan Says:

    Hi^^ does the boys album come with pc and poster??~^^

  52. 119
    ine Says:

    Hi. i would like to know what does snsd the boys album consist of?? is there random photo card in it?

  53. 121
    Isabella Says:

    Do you have a pic and dimmensions for the All abt girl’s generation offical photobook 2? :) and where do you do meetups?

  54. 123
    Kar Says:

    For the Korea Gee jap limited edition, is it the one with the photocard?
    Please reply to me via email.
    Thank you.

  55. 125
    imtheman Says:

    hello, do you have 1st photobook?

    • 126
      admin Says:

      nope sorry i no longer have it. thestephi tiffany as well as flying petals taeyeon photobooks are still available though.

  56. 127
    Stacie Says:

    hi, id the First Tokyo photobook (Reprint) still available for preorder? Also, the Gee (Kr Licensed DVD+CD) and AAGG photoook and AAGG DVD:) lease reply soon, thank you:)

  57. 129
    ainzulkifli Says:

    hi, do you have flying petals taeyeon photobooks? how much?

  58. 131
    Kityee Says:

    Is the Mr Taxi Limited Pressing Edition include PC?

    • 132
      admin Says:

      As stated, i’m no longer taking in new orders from 6 Jun onwards till 29 Jul. Do visit weliveforshoppingsprees again then, thanks!

  59. 133
    xtris_ Says:

    Hi, do you have Flying Petals photobook?

  60. 134
    evelyn Says:

    Hi. Does Gee Japan (Korean Limited Edition) and Genie (Korea Limited Edition) still available? what are including in it? Do u sell SEOPLE 1st PhotoBook ” A DREAMER “?

  61. 136
    Joey Says:

    And do you still have taeyeon flying petals?

  62. 137
    Joey Says:

    Hi do you still have stock for Oh! Album and what is include inside the album?

  63. 139
    Joey Says:

    Do it have photocard?

  64. 141
    Joey Says:

    Ohok Thanks

  65. 142
    tusnyto Says:

    Hi is the SNSD Goobne Chicken 2010 Promo Mini Poster still available ?
    I want the full set.
    how to order and how much shipping to Surabaya, Indonesia?

    • 143
      admin Says:

      Hi sorry the goobne chicken poster is no longer available. Thanks for your interest! Generally, mailing of posters to Indonesia will cost about $10 per poster tube for registered surface mail, and about $20 for registered airmail.

  66. 144

    Is the mr Taxi Japanese Limited Edition with the black background which include pc?

  67. 146
    Stickmann Says:

    hey still selling any snsd jap gee and genie still available?is it sealed?

  68. 147
    Xuan Nguyen Says:

    1st Live Concert in Seoul DVD – $39 : Do you have it more ?

    Xuan Nguyen

  69. 148
    Le Becks Says:

    Hi! For Mr Taxi Limited Ed, will there be a photocard?

    • 149
      admin Says:

      Hi yes the first press limited edition comes with a photocard. However, it is already out of print and not available.

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